Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shiv #37 of 365 - Zero Shiv

Shiv #37 - Zero Shiv

I was in a Walgreens or something one day and noticed there were Mega Man action figures on the shelves. Being a Mega Man fanboy since ohhh 1987 or so, I figured one couldn't hurt. I saw this one figure of Zero, from the Mega Man X series, but in a black theme. I thought that looked pretty sweet and sleek on him, so I went with the Zero.

I got home and cracked open the packaging, gagging at the smell of plastic and paint and rubber, and pulled the Black Zero from his trappings. I raised his left arm to do that fist-in-the-air badass pose, and the arm promptly snapped right off in my hand.

Screw Jazwares and their crappy action figures.
In other news, this shiv puts the project at a tenth of the way to completion. Tell your friends - I'm going alllllllllll the waaaaaayyyyy.

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