Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shiv #38 of 365 - Rice Cooker Lever

Shiv #38 - Rice Cooker Lever

I like rice. I go through a rice cooker like once a year, because they're cheaply-made, mass-produced crap.

But, man - do they make good rice or do they make good rice?


  1. ok, so my question is this: how many househould appliances are you guys short on now? Should I replace one of them for Christmas or would you turn that into a shiv too? you know what, that's a challenge: I'm going to find you something you can intentionally manifest into a shiv!!!!


  2. Well, I wouldn't want to ruin a new, perfectly good appliance. The rice cooker was busted, so it was fair game.

    I'll take your old microwave, though.

    Nah, actually, I'd probably just rig it so the door can be open while it's on and fill it with Peeps.


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